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We are music services and artist development company with record label, music production, mixing & mastering, and artist management support for creators. Our focus is on helping Christian artists put out their gifts to the world.

The Team

Picture of David "SO IAM" Marshall

David "SO IAM" Marshall

Starting out in 2000 rapping for fun in his dorm room, a basketball injury and dropping out of school ultimately led David to find his love for music and chasing his dream of being a rap artist. After being pulled out of darkness and returning to his calling in 2008, a new music life as SO IAM began, releasing his first CHH album '357' in July 2008. As a music producer, audio engineer, songwriter, and artist manager, SO IAM has helped dozens of artists push their careers forward and put out their best music yet. Initially receiving the vision for a label in 2010, after years of study and preparation, SO IAM Music was launched in 2020 to help serve the artist community and updated in 2022 as an extension of Kingdom ministry focus and realignment. SO IAM is also an in house producer for Smash Coast Music and works with various artists on sync licensing opportunities.