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From his childhood writing rhymes in the pews of St. Paul to his days recording raps in his college dorm room, SO IAM has taken a passion for hip hop from dreams to reality becoming one of the most talented and intriguing hip hop artists in the independent music scen. Recording his first album Go F.I.S.H. in 2001, SO IAM became known for his endless freestyles and unique flow, and creative production being featured on countless records including collaborations with Scary Kids Scaring Kids (RCA) and production work for MTV, Glasses Malone, and Knoc-turn’al’s (Hoopla Media Group/Universal) group project MathMadix. He has performed in venues and backyards across the Valley, opening for hip hop legends Camp Lo in Tempe, performing for a full house at Alice Cooperstown, and packing frat houses at Arizona State University.

Returning to his ministry calling and faith in 2007, SO IAM released his first CHH themed album in 2008, 357. Striking a balance between lyrical exercise and accounts of his life experiences, SO IAM’s sound is a unique blend of the vocal talents of artists such as Snoop, Ludacris, and Jay-Z with the lyrical styling of Redman, Big L, and Pun. The content is creative and light hearted, with his versatility is heard vividly in songs like “All Up On It” where he rides the beat effortlessly, switching accents and voices throughout the track. “All Up On It”, released in 2010, went on to win DJ Cut Creator track of the week and was twice named to DJ Cut Creator’s weekly top 10. “I’m a 90’s rap head so I want to bring it back to the days when people just had fun with the music. I tell stories, I do the emcee stuff, I just have fun with it. Ultimately I want to glorify God and be a positive influence on the youth”. SO IAM is set on reaching the top, wanting to be more than just an artist. “I feel hip hop has this uncanny ability to unite all kinds of people and I want to be a part of that. I want to use music to help bridge cultural gaps in the church and bringing together people all over the world with this gift.”

As a producer and engineer SO IAM has produced and engineered some of the most talented independent artists in the country and landed placements with MTV, Glasses Malone, and engineering the company theme song. As a student of sound SO IAM has over 15 years of experience as a producer and engineer, hundreds of hours behind the boards, and past internships with Phase 4 & Krash Course Studios.

With his goals in mind and a growing talent SO IAM is ready to bring his testimony to the world and show what can happen when you follow the Spirit and let Him turn your gifts into more for His glory.

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