Licensing Options


Non-Exclusive License
$ 35
  • Untagged Hi-Fi MP3, WAV, & Trackouts
  • 100,000 Audio Streams
  • 20,000 Monetized Video Streams
  • 5,000 Paid Downloads/Copies
  • Unlimited Airplay - 1 Station

Level Up

Non-Exclusive License
$ 60
  • Untagged Hi-Fi MP3, WAV, & Trackouts
  • 300,000 Audio Streams
  • 100,000 Monetized Video Streams
  • 10,000 Paid Downloads/Copies
  • Unlimited Airplay


Non-Exclusive License
$ 150
  • Untagged Hi-Fi MP3, WAV, & Trackouts
  • Unlimited Audio Streams
  • Unlimited Monetized Video Streams
  • Unlimited Paid Downloads/Copies
  • Unlimited Airplay

Unlimited - Pay As You Go Plan

Non-Exclusive License
$ 20 6 Months
  • Only $30 Down to get started - 6 Months to Pay
  • Interest Free Payment Plan
  • Untagged Hi-Fi MP3, WAV, & Trackouts
  • Unlimited Audio Streams
  • Unlimited Monetized Video Streams
  • Unlimited Paid Downloads/Copies
  • Unlimited Airplay


UGK Records
Glasses Malone


Most are the most common questions and answers


As an artist myself, I always downloaded an MP3 of the beat I was interested and made a demo track then purchased the beat after I knew I had a song there. We offer the same opportunity to you.

If you go to the beat player and click the downward arrow next to the beat, you will have the opportunity to download it and vibe with the beat before you move forward with a purchase.

The beat will be tagged but once you find one you like you can purchase it from the player and all tags will be removed, also you will receive the professional quality version of the beat.

Free Beats are for use in non-commercial and non-revenue generating projects. 

By receiving free beats, you’ve been given the opportunity to ‘Try-Before-You-Buy.’ 

Use these to write, record and experiment with your music. You are allowed to post the final result on your social channels or sites like YouTube or Soundcloud to see if your song is worth investing in a license. The Free versions are ‘tagged’ with a voice tag for security reasons. By purchasing a license you will receive an untagged version regardless of the license you decide to purchase.

You are not allowed to download Free Beats for:
– Use on mixtapes or albums
– Use in Radio- and TV-Broadcasting or any airplay possibility
– Use in live-performances or any other public use
– Any profitable project

We try to keep the payment plans as simple and straightforward as possible.

Find the beat you want in our BeatStars player then you’ll use our Unlimited License store to complete the purchase.

To keep payments as low as possible for you we spread the Unlimited License Pay As You Go plan out over 6 months, interest-free. Just $30 down gets you started then 6 monthly payments of $20/month and boom, you’re done!

We want to give everyone a chance with this opportunity so if for any reason payments are interrupted or stopped before it’s paid in full, there is up to 14 day grace period to give you time to get back on track.

The unlimited license rights will not be fully executed until the license is paid in full. If the payment plan is not completed or the grace period expires, if you have paid at least the full cost of the Level Up License ($60) you will be downgraded to a “Level Up” license (track-out license),  and the unlimited license will not be executed. All payments are governed by the payment agreement and licensing contract terms.

This is an affordable option that will enable you to get your unlimited rights for low monthly payments while using the beat from day 1. Please make sure you can afford the monthly payments and agree to the terms before getting started.

Thank you for your interest in working with 24:16 Music LLC. Unfortunately we are not signing any artists at this time, however we will are looking for artists to partner with for potential sync licensing opportunities. 

We work with artists from a variety of backgrounds as a part of our ministry to reach as many people as possible and our production services are open to everyone. For working with us directly as your label please keep in mind that we are a Christian music company and only accept clean, preferably gospel centered, music for the label.